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Merel van Hunsel
Merel van HunselChairman
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Iris Lemmens
Iris LemmensDaily Board Member
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Christien Zonnenberg
Christien ZonnenbergTreasurer
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Annemiek van de Kimmenade
Annemiek van de KimmenadeSecretary
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The Active Student




Going the extra mile

#1 Tessa Straetemans
#1 Tessa StraetemansDutch Law
My name is Tessa Straetemans, I am 21 years old and currently finishing my bachelors degree in Dutch Law. Besides studying, I take place in several committees of Student Party Front and I am an active member of T.S.V.V. Gepidae.
A lot is expected from you as a student nowadays. You have to complete your studies successfully, have experience in the workfield and you also have to develop yourself and your qualities optimally. I believe that Tilburg Law School can and should do more to facilitate this for us. Therefore, next year I want to establish the following for you in the faculty council. First of all, I want more opportunities for broader minors and more opportunities to do an internship or work studentship, without study delay. Secondly, I think it is important for students to be able to study when and how it suits them best, this can be achieved with more online lectures or knowledge clips. Lastly, I think clear cooperation and communication between professors and students is key, in order to make it possible to do extracurricular activities fluently.
#2 Fran Lebegge
#2 Fran LebeggeDutch Law
Hii all! My name is Fran and I’m 22 years old. Currently I’m in my forth year of the bachelor Dutch law. Besides my studies I’m a member of Tsc St. Olof and sorority A Quoi Bon?. In the summer of 2019 I also helped organizing the Top Week as part of the Top Week committee.
Personally, I think it is important that every student has the possibility to develop themself besides their study and go the extra mile. In order to do so, I would like to see that all lectures of all courses are recorded. In this way every student has the chance to follow a course at their own pace, creating extra time for other activities.
Additionally, I think it is important that all study materials on Canvas are up to date and I would like to encourage professors to keep their Canvas pages up to date and orderly.
Finally, I think it is important that a wider range of minors is created for TLS because the options are too limited at the moment. It should also be possible to choose courses within a minor. This way, a student can create a curriculum that meets their needs in the best way.
#3 Stijn Visser
#3 Stijn VisserPublic Administration
My name is Stijn Visser, I am 23 years old and I am currently in my third year of the bachelor public administration. In my second year in Tilburg I became a member of TSR Vidar and joined sorority A.I. Forseti, where I recently finished a board year. Besides that I have been active at T.S.V.V. Merlijn and I was a coordinator for the TUC.
With Active TLS I want to support students who go the extra mile. Tilburg Law School should be there for student who are active besides their study. Next year I would like to establish more flexibility in mandatory attendance so students can make their own schedule of the semester. For that same reason I would also like to keep the wide range of recorded video- and audio lectures after corona. Besides that I want more internship possibilities so students can orient and develop themselves on the labor market.
#4 Siebold Klasen
#4 Siebold KlasenCorporate Law
My name is Siebold Klasen, I am 23 years old and I am currently in my second year of the bachelor Corporate Law. In my first year I became a member of the TSC St. Olof. Prior to this, I obtained my Bachelor in Business Management and worked one year full-time for a real estate developer. Also, last semester, I worked on a project at UniPartners Tilburg.
Hence, I know how important it is to have a proper preparation from education to practice. That is why I think students should be offered targeted opportunities to develop themselves during their studies. This could be achieved by facilitating a network with internships, board years, and masters, but also how to achieve presentation, application and CV skills. Therefore I want to establish a better cooperation with both international and national universities and businesses, so that you can find the best fit to your profile.
Furthermore, I think students should be able to consult all study materials more easily by more uniformity in how the courses are structured and displayed online. In addition, I think all study materials, including the lectures, should be available online so that you can prepare impeccably for your finals.
#5 Mathilde Schets
#5 Mathilde SchetsDutch Law
My name is Mathilde Schets, I am 20 years old, and I am in the second year of the bachelor Dutch Law. I joined T.S.V. Plato in my first year and I am also a member of T.S.H.V. SHOT.
Next year I would like to create a better opportunity for an internship, because you need to be able to develop yourself as much as possible without study delay. Especially in these times, online education is very important. That’s why I think we need to optimize digital information provision through Canvas. Furthermore, I think it is also important that in times of online education, there is more interaction between students. In addition, I would like to see the number of minors, which are offered by TLS, expanded. This will result in more minors that are well suited to your interests. Finally, the education, internship and exchange must be combinable for the active student, so that you can develop alongside your study.
#6 Ian Oosterhoff
#6 Ian OosterhoffGlobal Law
Hi, my name is Ian Oosterhoff. I am 22 years old and I am in my third year of Global Law. I was an active member at Magister JFT | Global Law and currently I am a board member at T.S.G.V. Under Par. One of the reasons I became active is because practical experience is so badly needed for not only your own development but also for having a chance at an internship or job these days. That is why I think that the opportunity to gain this practical experience (not just by becoming active, might also be through an internship, through working as a student, or through extra courses or different minors) should be made easier.
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