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Lotte Smit
Lotte SmitChairman
My name is Lotte and I am this year’s chairman of Active TSB. I am 22 years old and currently in my fourth year of the bachelor Organization Studies.
Ella Verheijen
Ella VerheijenDaily Board Member
I am Ella and I am Active TSB’s daily board member! I am 23 and am a student at the Master programme Organizing for Global Social Challenges.

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Going the extra mile

#1 Estelle Hollmann
#1 Estelle HollmannGlobal Management of Social Issues
Hi! My name is Estelle Hollmann, I am 21 years old and a Global Management of Social Issues student. I want to make studying at Tilburg University while being active more pleasant by expanding digitalization and stimulating internationalization
#2 Albano Godrie
#2 Albano GodrieOrganizations studies
I am Albano Godrie, this year’s number 2 of Active TSB candidate-list. I’m a third year Organization Studies student and next year I want to improve the PASS-programme, ensure a good transition to more physical education and work on a good buddy-system for international students.
#3 Tiarra de Rijcke
#3 Tiarra de RijckePsychology
Hi! My name is Tiarra de Rijcke and I am currently a third year bachelor psychology student. represent the active student, just like myself, so that we can develop to the maximum, not only at the academic level, but also at a personal and social level. Digitalisation is going well, but the social network for the students must come back and I would like to make this happen for all of us students.
#4 Eva Vael
#4 Eva VaelPersoneelswetenschappen
Hi all! My name is Eva Vael, I am 20 years old and I am currently in my first year of the bachelor Personeelswetenschappen. In my opinion, the university can stimulate active students by reducing mandatory lectures, which will lead to more flexibility allowing you to be a more active student, and by creating more opportunities for internships and exchanges.
#5 Teun Braakman
#5 Teun BraakmanOrganization Studies
Hi, my name is Teun Braakman, 22 years old. I have been studying in Tilburg for 3 years of which I have been following Organization Studies for 2 years. I think it’s important that every student gets the opportunity to fully develop themselves during their student time. It is important that the university continues to develop in the field of digitalization. After COVID-19, the digitalization that has been achieved must be continued
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