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Willemijn Weterings
Willemijn WeteringsChairman, Daily Board member & Secretary
Ludo van der Gun
Ludo van der GunGeneral Board member
Wander Waals
Wander WaalsGeneral Board member, PR manager

What we have done

What we aim for

The Active Student




Going the extra mile

Laura van Houdt
Laura van HoudtCommunicatie & Informatiewetenschappen
Hi! My name is Laura van Houdt and I have been ‘active’ my whole student time in many associations and committees and I am also doing a board year right now. Therefore, I have been around at TSHD for a while now and have experienced things that can be improved in my opinion, no better place to do that than Active TSHD. Next year I will commit myself to our four pillars: ‘the active student’, ‘internationalisation’, ‘digitalisation’ and ‘going the extra mile’. Read our party program if you are curious for our ideas on this!
Tristan Sprakel
Tristan SprakelLiberal Arts and Sciences
Hello! My name is Tristan and I am a 22- year-old Liberal Arts and Sciences student. Beside my studies I always tried to seize opportunities to develop myself outside of the classroom. I want to create and facilitate these opportunities for others, from within the faculty council. My focus will be on the development of ‘hybrid education’ after the lockdown to create more flexibility for (active) students and the Implementation of more Student Assistants to strengthen education quality and create more development opportunities.
Cas van der Heijden
Cas van der HeijdenCommunicatie & Informatiewetenschappen
Hi fellow TSHD students, my name is Cas and with your help I will be in the facultycouncil of TSHD next year! I am a third year Communication- and Informationsciences. Furthermore am I an active member of the studentrowingassociation Vidar and the fraternity PEB. Next year I want to comit myself to the following points:
1. Create a template for canvas pages for lecturers to follow. So all pages are harmonized.
2. Stimulating more workshops and online knowledgeclips focussed on learning students ‘how to study’.
3. Stimulating integration between Dutch and international students.
4. Improve preparation for the labor market, by stimulating participation for events such as the Februarycongres and Tilburg Career Days.
Denise Baltus
Denise BaltusLiberal Arts and Sciences
Hi! My name is Denise Baltus and I am a first year student who has been active since the start of my studenttime; I have joined the studentenassociation, a sorority and a rowing team. Especially as a new student in corona time, I have found out that the benefits of being an active student really contributes to a better study experience. Therefore, I would like to represent the active students and work towards a university that improves the digitalisation, internationalisation and that is willing to go the extra mile for their students. Curious about what else Active TSHD wants to work on? Read our partyprogram!
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